Airi Kijima Reuniting His High School Love

Airi Kijima is one of the top sexy beautiful JAVs with elongated legs and is famous for her stretched breasts. Returning to his hometown to avoid translation, Airi Kijima reunites with his ex-high school lover. Although time has passed, his feelings for Airi Kijima are still passionately attached. After meeting again, the ex-boyfriend went to Airi Kijima's house to play and stayed, midnight seeing his ex sleeping on the sopa made Airi Kijima feel nostalgic for high school love. So, she sneaked close to sucking him, the joy of being cuddled made him start to wake up. But at the same time, all sexual desires of both must be stopped by the awakening of Airi Kijima's parents. And so the next day, she waited for the Airi Kijima family to go to work with him and she began to "review her old love story" all day long.

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