Big Boobs Secretary Was Trapped By The Boss On A Business Trip

Mei Washio female secretary with big round breasts caught the eye of the director of sex addiction in the workplace. After the business trip with her boss, Mei Washio was ensnared by the boss when she called her to his room to drink wine to congratulate him on this successful signing. After drinking a glass of wine that had been anesthetized by the boss, Mei Washio dreamed of not being able to recognize anything but the passion in her throat. She can only know the same boss to make love all night long with sex positions and extremely lewd. Later that night, Mei Washio was repeatedly threatened by her boss and forced her to serve him sexually. Because when he made love he discovered that not only Mei Washio was lascivious, but she also had a very professional sex with her big breasts and her wet, wet braid slot.

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