Sharing Room With Sexy Female Director

On a business trip with the sexy hot and beautiful female director Yuka Oshima, the young man could not believe his eyes that he and the beautiful female director shared a room in the hotel. Yuka Oshima possesses a body that many people dream of, looking at her so old, but with her salty beauty, because she knows how to dress and wear it, Yuka Oshima becomes more and more sexy. Sharing a room with a beauty like Yuka Oshima has made the young man unable to contain his instincts, he starts to pick up and masturbate while the female director is sleeping. But seeing Yuka Oshima lying on the bed with a flimsy nightgown and adding the sexy body of the female director made him lose his mind. Immediately he hugged the female director, intent to rape Yuka Oshima was filling his mind but he did not know that this is the trick of the beautiful female director Yuka Oshima. She had woken up by herself, seeing him masturbating made her feel a little down because he didn't rape her. But now the young employee is lying on top of her, although excited, Yuka Oshima still pretends to resist weakly and then is the joyful enjoyment that the employee gives. for her.

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