Wife Sneaky With Old Lover

Yuna Ogura happened to meet her first love again when she and her husband moved to their new apartment. Having just met her ex, Yuna Ogura was extremely excited when she remembered the cloudy memories with him when the two were in a dating relationship. After her husband went to work, Yuna Ogura asked her ex to come over to play, reviewing their old memories. By chance, the ex-boyfriend saw the sextoy to please the woman he knew that the sex of Yuna Ogura and her husband was not complete. The girl is now a beautiful woman with big round breasts and hot seductive butt. Unable to control himself, he rushed into Yuna Ogura and hugged her and gave her a passionate kiss that made Yuna Ogura dumbfounded with joy. The indulgence of pleasure when the same ex-lover made love made Yuna Ogura extremely happy, she had reached the top countless times in the clouds and rain with this old mistress ...

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